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Parents » GBP Covid-19 Information to Know

GBP Covid-19 Information to Know

Golden Bear Preschool 

COVID-19 Information to Know

You can find Shelbyville Central Schools Reopening Plan at

Golden Bear Preschool has made changes to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.  Below you will find information that will help inform you of the changes being implemented.  Please be patient as we may need to make changes or adjustments as we try new procedures.  At any time if you have any questions please call Golden Bear Preschool at 317-392-2449. 

GBP has slightly adjusted some times for arrival and dismissal to help maintain social distancing during these times. 




Wed. Dis.

Half Day AM




Half Day AM




Half Day PM




Half Day PM




Full Day




Full Day




You may bring or pick your child up anytime between your program's specific times.  Please call the office ahead of time if you would like us to have your child ready for when you arrive. 

Arrival - Parents or guardians can either park or use the car rider line.  Please only use the car rider line if you and your child can manage a quick release into the building and return to your vehicle to keep the line moving.  A parent or guardian must walk the student to the front door of the preschool.  Staff will be at the doors and inside the building to help your student to class.  Please wear a mask and social distance while dropping your child off.  

  • Full Day Drop Off - Students may not enter prior to 8:00 unless they are attending Bear Care.

Dismissal - Parents or guardians may use the car rider line or park.  You must have a student mirror tag visible for us to identify your child and bring them out.  If you do not have a car tag, you will need to bring your driver's license to the front office to release your student.  

If you choose to park and walk to the front please form a line on the sidewalk to the left or right of the front entrance.  We will have a location marked where the line can start.  Parents and guardians can form a line keeping 6 feet between each parent.  Please wear a mask and limit it to 1 person lining up for pick-up.  

To help limit the number of students at the front door we have 2 classes dismissing from other locations.  

  • Mrs. Angi’s class will be dismissed from the bus lot on the west side of the building.  Mrs. Angi’s parents will pull in and park in the bus lot.  For student safety, we ask that you do not pull in when buses are in the lot.  Once buses leave at 2:35, you may pull in and park diagonally in front of the sidewalk.  
  • Mrs. Aleigha’s class will be dismissed from the door on the far northwest corner of the building.  Parents may use the car rider line or walk to the door for pickup.  

Before School Bear Care - You must register and pay prior to attending before school care.  For drop off parents will need to bring their child to the school lobby and contact our Bear Care staff to meet you.  You may either call 317-392-2449 ex: 8100 once you arrive, or use the radio in the lobby to contact a member of our team.  A staff member will meet you in the lobby and walk your child to the Bear Care classroom.  

Our Bear Care Team: Dayla Thurston, Nancy Wheeler, and Drew Bowman. 

Masks - All parents, visitors, and staff members are required to wear face coverings on school property.  Preschool age students fall under the exemption to the mandate, but we are going to recommend and encourage students, who are able, to wear face masks during arrival, dismissal, and during restroom breaks in the hallway.  Each student will receive two cloth masks on the first day of school.   Please make sure your student has one mask with them when they arrive at school. 

Extra Precautions at GBP:

  • Chemical-free cleaning disinfectant that can be used to clean surfaces
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the building
  • GBP staff will teach proper handwashing techniques and have handwashing built into their daily schedule
  • Eliminating all visitors in the school during the first nine weeks; parents and guardians will be allowed in the front office only.  This does include parents coming for lunch and volunteers.  We will let you know when this guideline has been lifted.  Thank you for understanding. 
  • Water fountains are turned off.  Students may use a cup or a refillable water bottle at the filling station. 
  • Students will be spaced out in the cafeteria
  • One direction hallways 

Student Absences Related to COVID-19 - If your child is absent due to a COVID-19 symptom (one or more symptoms that are not otherwise explained), is being tested for COVID-19, has had a positive COVID-19 test, or has been determined to be a close contact of someone with a positive COVID-19 test, they will need to stay home from school for the full 10 or 14 days depending on the situation. When reporting your child's absence, please indicate why they are absent.  

If the school receives a report of a positive test result and your child is determined to be a close contact, you will be notified by the school, the local health department and/or the Indiana State Department of Health (1-833-670-0067- this will be the number that shows up on your phone).